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The Making of our backyard Fire Pit BBQ

The Making of our backyard Fire Pit BBQ – by Frank & Marcel Mazzuca

For the longest time we had a make shift fire pit that we convert to a BBQ when needed. It worked perfectly until we decided to build a permanent version in the same location.
We started off by securing a size by choosing a grill that can be purchased. We started with a visit to ONTARIO BBQ to select a Weber S/S grill. That determined our start point. We had most of the material but any extras like cement/refractory grout/fire bricks we picked up at Blair Building Supply in Maple. The one element that really sets the pit apart is the custom S/S ring I designed and had fabricated by a supplier of my kitchen designer cousin Sal (Toma Design Studio) from a place called Beaver Creek Metal. The ring serves two purposes: A) to finish the top rim and B) to hold the grill in place.

Special thanks to my son Marcel how helped build the project.