Backyard Waterfalls and Ponds

One of the most soothing sounds is the sound of running water. People will spend thousands of dollars on vacations simply to unwind from their stressful jobs, their chaotic lives. For about the same price as one of these vacations, you can create a similar paradise by installing a backyard waterfall and pond. New installation techniques have drastically reduced the cost of putting in this luxurious addition to your backyard that often will still more than pay for itself when it comes time to sell your home. Stop listening to the barking dogs and the screaming children and settle in with a nice book next to your backyard waterfall.

Companies now offer DIY waterfall and pond systems. Lighter, artificial rocks eliminate the need for heavy lifting. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there’s no reason you can’t install a backyard waterfall and pond yourself. Putting in a little extra money for a contractor, though, does still have some important advantages.

Professional installers have experience shaping and designing rock and synthetic rock formations for the most appealing appearance and effect. More than simply finding the right place for the rocks, they may still need to be sculpted to control the water flow into your backyard pond. If you’re planning on putting fish and plant life in and around pond, as most homeowners do, a local contractor will be able to design and advise you on the best filtering system for your local climate.

They’ll show you how and where to create holes in the ice if your pond freezes over in the winter. These holes will allow the fish to survive. Finally, a local contractor will be able to customize your backyard waterfall and pond to fit the natural contours of your yard to create a more stunning effect than a cookie-cutter installation package.