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House Painting

Different paint finishes have their advantages.

Before you begin to paint, consider wall imperfections and other factors. High-gloss paint offers greater durability and is very easy to clean. If your wall is less than perfect, however, high-gloss paint can enhance the imperfections. Flat paint will do a much better job of hiding imperfections, but it’s much easier to damage than high-gloss. Eggshell is a great middle-of-the-road option.

Don’t let fear of color turn your room white.

Colors can add depth and texture to your room. Using the right colors can turn an otherwise dull room into a beautiful, warm space. If you get a color you don’t like, just paint over it!

Tip 1: Seal It Off

When saving leftover paint, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the open can. Spray cooking oil over the plastic and tightly secure the lid. Turn the bucket upside down, and you’ll have a brand-new seal. Air won’t get in, and the paint will last longer.

Tip 2: Add Grit

When you’re painting floors, add traction by putting a bit of sand in the paint to provide grip to the floor.

Tip 3: Paint From Top to Bottom

Start on top to prevent streaks. Whether indoors or outdoors, always begin painting at the top and work your way down.