Screen Enclosures

Adding a Florida room or a screen patio to your home or business is actually an affordable way to increase the square footage and living space of your home.  Custom screen enclosures make a wonderful addition for everyday family living and also for entertaining.

By enclosing an outdoor patio, insects and wildlife are restricted from invading the home’s outdoor space and/or swimming pool.  A solid aluminum roof  creates more than just a patio, as it protects from rain.  It also shades the room from the intense Florida sun, which also helps to better preserve outdoor furniture and flooring.  Adding insulated wall panels and windows literally creates a whole extra room.

Whether you decide on a simple screen enclosure or a roof covered outdoor patio, you will quickly realize the year-round benefit of adding the aluminum structure to your South Florida home or commercial building. Families can enjoy their new addition while eating breakfast and watching the sunrise or having dinner at sunset by the pool.  Businesses will benefit from an outdoor enclosure as a place for employees and clients to have lunch, meetings and special events.  Whatever patio screen enclosure ideas you have been considering, Palm Beach Aluminum, Inc. has everything you need.


  • Custom Concrete Slabs
  • Custom Paver Decks
  • Footers
  • Glass Enclosures for Porches
  • Insulated Aluminum Roofs
  • Patio & Pool Enclosures
  • Sunroom Additions
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